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Our services are designed to ensure you get the best from your technology. 
Experts in providing both business support and solving technology challenges in the home, we pride ourselves in working with you to understand your needs and make sure your technology is working for you, rather than it getting in the way. 
At Blucando, we believe in providing support, equipment and solutions with both your immediate and futures needs in mind. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer's needs, building custom support arrangements to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. 
For your peace of mind, all our staff are DBS cleared. 
Expertise in technical support across a range of technologies
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At Your Desk 

Supporting the technology you use every day, helping you to focus on keeping that important work on track. 

On the Move 

From laptops to mobile phones and tablets, technology on the move is becoming a must in our modern "always on" society. 

In the Cloud 

Emails, pictures, documents and data. Make the most of cloud services and storage to streamline your activities.